​​The Tao of Maud

The Tao of Maud was created based on the idea that the My Little Pony character Maud Pie exhibits the qualities of a Zen pony. When you watch her, you see she is centered, calm, assured of herself, commenting only on what was factual, not overly emotional no matter the situation yet able to respond appropriately in a crisis. Given this, it became a reasonable assumption that Maud could serve as a light of guiding wisdom to Equestria and beyond.

Numerous sources are consulted in a search for suitable quotes. They are saved into a database, sorted by what attribute or ideal they speak to and then modified as needed to fit the "Ponyverse." A log is maintained of the original source material, matching it to each day's post. It can be requested at any time by submitting a message via the website's contact page.

What We Do and Why...

A Tao of Maud message is posted daily on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.  Each week the posts are themed around a single character from the show and the ideal they represent. Those are aggregated and posted at the beginning of the week on that character's page.

Occasionally there are Te of Big Macintosh posts. These are not scheduled and could appear at any time, about any subject.

The Tao of Maud draws from sources as varied as Buddha to Christ, Gandhi to Twain, Plato to Pooh and Einstein to Darkwing Duck. Wedded to no single religion, our belief is wisdom may come from anywhere if you are open to it. The goal is to spread positive ideas to Equestria and beyond.  In the end, the hope is you find something to think about, something to smile about and maybe a little something to hope for. Namaste.