I spent a good portion of the second year of this project as caretaker to my mother as she fought her final battle against metastatic breast cancer. Even as I prepared each week's messages, I stayed with her and watched as this disease migrated to her brain and robbed her of her memories, her vibrant personality, and eventually, all knowledge of who I was. But I will never forget the final gift she bought for me - a pack of My Little Pony stickers. Of everything I did in my life, this project was the one thing about me that she held on to until the very end.

As the end approached I changed the scheduling for the project to include a week based on Tank, Rainbow Dash's pet turtle. The episode "Tanks for the Memories" de
als with the grieving process and I felt a week on that attribute would help both myself and perhaps others as well. What I didn't know at the time was that week would coincide with the last time I would ever see my mother. The final day was when I had to say goodbye forever.

Pixelkitties, a fantastic artist in the Brony community, created a piece of art for that final day. It includes characters that have dealt with loss - the Apple family, who lost their parents, and Rainbow Dash, who lost her beloved pet Tank. They look skyward, as I do, and their words ring true

"I look up to the sky to talk to you...
                              ... what I wouldn't give to hear you talk back."

I love you and miss you, Mom. Be well on your journey. - D. G. Speirs

​​The Tao of Maud