​​The Tao of Maud

The Tao of Mud has worked off an idea - take wisdom culled from the greatest minds around the world and give it a slight "ponified" twist, then present it each day for folks to consume.

The bits come from ancient writings and modern texts, from Plato and Seuss, from Home and Twain and Big Bird, from fiction and fact. My belief is that wisdom and teaching can come from any source if you will keep your mind open to hear it.

I've maintained a database of all the posts used, as well as additional available quotes (close to 5,000 and counting). I will happily provide the original source quote to any day's post on request. 

I've done this so far for three years without asking for donations at my own expense. I've done some t-shirts because they seemed like a fun thing to do, and a book so I could give one away at a charity auction. 

The Posts