​​The Tao of Maud

My plan was to bring the project to a graceful end at the conclusion of 2017. But I've learned the universe tends to laugh at plans. It had a different path for me.

That fall, I met someone. It was completely unexpected, not something I was seeking, but she soon became a very special part of my life. When she discovered my decision to end the project, she asked me to reconsider. Her argument was simple, yet powerful. I could never be sure of how much impact it had, how much good it did in the world, the ripples it spread, even amidst the scorn, disdain, and dismissal I'd experienced regularly. When I asked her to prove her point, to give me a single piece of evidence of this good work, her reply was simple.

"It's one of the reasons I fell in love with you."

How do you argue with that? So until further notice, the Tao of Maud is back, with wit and wisdom to be spread across social media on a daily basis. May your journey with us be kind and gentle. Namaste. 

The Fourth Journey