​​The Tao of Maud

The First Journey

It started with an idea. Maud Pie, the most centered pony, could bring wisdom to the Brony community. So we started a journey.

​It was haphazard at first. We knew it would last a year, but the first messages were scattered, aiming as much to earn a smile as to find some wisdom. But along the way, we found our path. We recognized that each pony of the Mane Six each pony has their own unique attribute, the quality that they represent within Equestria and the Ponyverse. As we searched further, it became obvious that more and more ponies, and other characters as well, also had traits that could teach, could guide, could even lead Bronies into the future. 

​Here are those posts from the first year, week by week as they were posted on social media.