The Third Journey

​​The Tao of Maud

In 2017, Tao of Maud and the calendar aligned - Day 1 started on January 1st. We posted as usual on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, here on the website, and had a few other surprises up our sleeves - such as a TeePublic store.

There were no live appearances in 2017. We planned to end the project at the end of the year. The cause was simple - I had very little idea if I'd ever made a difference after three years of effort. Evidence suggested no. Responses to posts were as cynical and snarky as when the project started, and the number of followers has never been large.

I decided it was time to move on. But fate intervened in the form of the love of my life, who convinced me to reconsider, that I wasn't hearing the right voices in the argument.  Based on her recommendation, the project has new life.