​​The Tao of Maud

The Second Journey

When we finished our first journey with the Tao of Maud project,  we discovered there we still had so many great lessons we'd learned along the way that hadn't yet been shared. So we did what journeyers do - we set out on the same path again.

Our commitment was the same - a full year of messages (366 in all this time, since it was a leap year). Again, the plan was to share the ideals of Zen as illustrated throughout Equestria, one pony and its attribute at a time. We now had a term for this - Zen Bronyism.

This is the archive of the posts, in the order they were posted. Scroll through the ponies until you find the one with the attribute you wish to review, then click on it. You'll be taken to their page, to read, learn, and find what you are seeking...

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